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7 Any valuations are dependent on the information provided by the vendor, Pub Innsite does not warrant any figures used in such valuations and uses any figures provided in good faith. Purchasers are advised to complete their own due diligence regarding information provided by vendors to Pub Innsite Ltd. Any advice or information provided by Pub Innsite is provided in good faith, much information is a point of view based on experience and should not be relied upon as absolute fact nor to base financial decisions upon.

8 Pub Innsite do not accept any liability for losses of any kind attributed to information provided in any medium by Pub Innsite.

9 Where appropriate all parties must comply with the directions of the Estate Agency Act, Property Misdiscriptions Act and any other statute in force regarding the sale of property.

10 Any pictures provided by Pub Innsite are not to be relied upon, assumptions regarding fixtures and fittings in pictures should not be made and full due diligence must be carried out by the purchaser. Pub Innsite does not guarantee to sell any property nor is Pub Innsite under any obligation to market a pub.

11 Where Pub Innsite markets a property on an introduction basis, there is no contractual link between the vendor and Pub Innsite, and the vendor understands that there is a contractual relationship only between the purchaser and Pub Innsite.

12 Vendors are aware that whilst Pub Innsite provides a view on value for “off market” marketing purposes that this may not necessarily the best price achievable using open market methods.

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