Public(an) Wealth Warning

If you are facing a rent review or have not had your review formally documented please read this - it could save you thousands because many pub co's allow rent to fall at review if they are considered over rented! You may also be able to secure a free of tie lease if your pub company has more than 500 tied pubs - click here if this is the case

Is your Pub Co Lease Rent Review or Renewal Due soon or in the next 12 months?
Is your Rent set by someone who is bonused on their rent line?
Do you think your lease sale is blighted because you are over rented?
Have you been offered “Nil Increase” on your review/ renewal if you act quickly?
Is the new rent proposed exceptionally high?
Do you think your renewal negotiations are unduly protracted?
(Without a formal notice your new rent can not take effect)

" We ended up saving £12K on the quoted rent, the fees have been spread over 12 months and we saw the savings immediately " - Barry Pritchard

Do you need Professional Representation on affordable terms that won’t impact your current cash flow? In many instances Pub Innsite operate on a no win no fee basis, as well as potentially self financing payment options, each case is dependent on its merits - many tenants have been skeptical but just review our testimonials - our clients are happy to provide references!

If you have answered yes to any of the above you may need Pub Innsite, to act in your best interests, because you shouldn’t expect your Pub Company to act for both sides. Be Professional, be Prepared call Pub Innsite for a no obligation discussion about your review or renewal. Negotiated settlements have cost clients from £1,500 to £4,000 plus VAT and have saved tenants many times the cost of the fees in actual reduced rent or in quoted rent.

If you would like a brief "how to" leaflet providing basic rent review advice or lease renewal advice, please e-mail us and we'll send you the relevant information.

Market Rent Only - MRO

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