EPC's (Energy Performance Certificates)

EPC's are required before any property can be marketed. However there appears to be an exception, Pub Innsite has been advised by EPCforproperty.com that Listed Buildings are exempt from the requirement of EPCs

EPC for Property have today (09/01/13) received further guidance from DCLG regarding the exemption of listed buildings from the requirement to have an Energy Performance Certificate on their sale or rent. The DCLG have provided it in a Q & A Document and I have copied this below:

Q. Can you explain the requirements in respect of historic buildings?
A. Any building which has been listed by English Heritage (or its Welsh equivalent) is exempt from the requirement to have an EPC on its sale or rent.

Q. How do I check whether a building has been listed by English Heritage?
A. See: www.english-heritage.org.uk/caring/listing/listed-buildings

Q. The regulations qualify the exemption by only exempting such buildings where compliance with certain minimum energy performance requirements would unacceptably alter their character or appearance. How do I know whether this applies to my building?
A. We have included that qualification because, in line with Government policy, we have adopted a copy-out approach to the Directive which means that, as far as possible, we have transposed the exact text into domestic legislation. But in practice, it does not impact the exemption. That is because there are no minimum energy performance requirements for listed or historic buildings.

Q. Are buildings that are part of a designated environment, such as a conservation area, required to have an EPC?
A. Yes. The only buildings that are exempt are those listed by English Heritage.

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