Dark Horse Taverns

On the instrucons of Dark Horse Taverns, Pub Innsite is solely retained to source high street or suburban free of e leasehold pubs to build on their existing highly successful site at the Prince of Wales Moseley.


Keith Marsden brings a wealth of experience to his new venture Dark Horse Taverns. A background in international brand management for the Coca-Cola Company, Management Consulting for PwC and years spent working for some of the world's leading multi-site retailers have already helped him transform The Prince of Wales into a great business. This former wet led local, on a tied lease in suburban Birmingham, is now a leading destination across the region, generating £1.2m in net sales. Innovative marketing, good social media skills and strong operating systems have used specialist spirits, Tiki Beach Bar, cocktails, cigars and wine sales to create and deliver a compelling offer.

It's quirky, its different, it works. With a good team in place and a selection of retail concepts ready to go, its now time to grow the business. Dark Horse Taverns has funds available to refurbish and invest in suitable sites NOW. If you are looking for an operator to provide a point of difference which is valued by the local community, and can actually deliver their promise then look no further than us!

Geographic Location:

•In and around Birmingham in trendy areas or with good demographics


•Free of Tie Leases

•Existing Pub or shell with A4 use

•Concepts are flexible to fit with location

High Street Locations:

•Minimum trading area of 2500 sq ft

•Preferably with an outside area

Suburban Locations:

•Minimum trading area of 2000 to 3000 sq ft

•Must have garden

•Parking required if low population density

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