Consultancy Work

Pub Innsite provide general Pub Advice and Property advice to clients who may have little experience in the sector.

Advice incudes: Reports and SWOT analysis on potential acquisitions; strategic advice on disposals, acquisitions, rent reviews and lease renewals; as well as ad hoc general property advice.

" I may have lost my life savings, but at least I didn't have to pay those consultancy fees " - Said no one ever....
We are happy to have an initial free of charge conversation which can provide you with the confidence that Pub Innsite can add value and assist you in avoiding making costly mistakes, over paying on premiums, or rent or even negotiating terms and conditions. We have the integrity to advise you at the front end whether you can achieve a fair starting point, and have even deterred people from moving forward if it is the wrong thing to do. Remember that many pub companies will require a personal guarantee or that you take the lease in your own name, if you have a home or investments, these may be at risk if the business doesn't work out as quickly as you had hoped, or the targets identified by the pub company simply aren't achieved.

How to Run a Pub has kindly provided us with the enclosed list of Statutory compliance, which is a little daunting but gives you an idea of how much you need to know or the skills you need to buy in. CLICK HERE

Chris Whirledge is currently working with The Brew School, based in Bakewell, and 2 other leading industry experts to develop a half day course to assist new entrants in the market with some useful insight into buying a pub.  This is a warts and all introduction into how to buy and run a pub, for details please click here.